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flamingspinach [userpic]

(no subject)

October 1st, 2010 (09:23 pm)
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current song: Shitscythe - Feldschlacht 5000 | Powered by Last.fm

[02:44:13] <Kil> i mustve been liquored up when i made pretty much all of these
[02:45:36] <Kil> <Feldschlacht5000> *the sound of random forks and spoons falling*


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mindless fucking garbage

October 24th, 2009 (04:03 am)

current mood: calm

mindless fucking garbage

ps it's 4:04

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Achewood Story Arc Length Chart

September 13th, 2009 (06:48 pm)

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April 13th, 2009 (09:38 pm)

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current song: Omodaka - Yosawya San | Powered by Last.fm

This is a demonstration of VW Misaki, a SAPI-based Japanese Text-To-Speech voice from NeoSpeech.

Audio is here.

Original text:






As you can see, the intonation is off in a bunch of places, and it mispronounces 寒がって as かんがって (should be さむがって), but generally it's a sight better than Microsoft Sam, I gotta say.

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Thinking about ordinals

February 15th, 2009 (12:26 pm)

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current song: Casiopea - LIFE LONG SERENADE | Powered by Last.fm

I always found ordinal numbers pretty intuitive, but cardinals somewhat less so. It might be because I'd thought about a related concept at a pretty young age.

Things exist. That's 0. We can think about things, that's S0 = 1. We can think about thinking about things, which is SS0 = 2. We can think about thinking about thinking about things, which is SSS0 = 3. The axiom of infinity only comes in because we are capable of noticing this pattern, and thinking about, as an entity, this pattern of thinking about thinking about [...] things to any arbitrary level. This is \omega. :O Then we can think about thinking about this process, etc. I wonder if there's any connection to the term "comprehension" in set theory. Of course, the analogy doesn't go too far, but it provides some intuition, at least for me.

flamingspinach [userpic]

Richmond Browne on improvisation

January 8th, 2009 (07:24 pm)
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current song: Nikolai Kapustin - Sonata Fantasy Op.39 | Powered by Last.fm

What is the soloist doing when he attempts to "build"? Actually the ideal process hardly ever takes place — that is, it is hardly ever the case that a conscientious soloist plays a thinking solo for a hard-listening hearer — but when this does happen, the key process is memory. The soloist has to establish for the listener what the important POINT, the motif if you like, is, and then show as much as he can of what it is that he sees in that motif, extending the relationships of it to the basic while never giving the feeling he has forgotten it. In other words, I believe that it should be a basic principle to use repetition, rather than variety — but not too much. The listener is constantly making predictions; actual infinitesimal predictions as to whether the next event will be a repetition of something, or something different. The player is constantly either confirming or denying these predictions in the listener's mind. As nearly as we can tell (Kraehenbuehl at Yale and I), the listener must come out right about 50% of the time — if he is too successful in predicting, he will be bored; if he is too unsuccessful, he will give up and call the music "disorganized".

Thus if the player starts a repetitive pattern, the listener's attention drops away as soon as he has successfully predicted that it is going to continue. Then, if the thing keeps going, the attention curve comes back up, and the listener becomes interested in just how long the pattern is going to continue. Similarly, if the player never repeats anything, no matter how tremendous an imagination he has, the listener will decide that the game is not worth playing, that he is not going to be able to make any predictions right, and also stops listening. Too much difference is sameness: boring. Too much sameness is boring — but also different once in a while.

– Richmond Browne, to Jerry Coker

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smooth bee

November 20th, 2008 (02:30 pm)
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current song: Nikolai Kapustin - Sonata No 2 Op 54, I Allegro Molto | Powered by Last.fm

I transcribed smooth bee

u got smooth bee'd

One One
Wassup "Nally" wassup "Haw-jaw" wassup "Jennay" (wassup)
Wassup Genesis hey yo wassup. (wassup)
I want y'all to sing something y'all hear this go ahead
Say hi Jenny, I wanna be in da sky, say yo' prayers
Aaah, I wanna be in da sky, and the right rain in my head in the sky

* I open up my eyes and I see the light
  I feel it on my skin, I can see it shining bright
  I sit beneath a tree and I felt the breeze
  That to me is truly beauty

Come on a mission as we travel through the womb of space
From galaxy to galaxy; no human form can erase
The majesty that's been created by The Infinite One
As the moon reflects the light of the unseen sun

From my window I see Jupiter, Venus, and Mars,
Quasars, supernovas, and various stars,
Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Pluton,
Thirteen moons on Saturn, and we travel beyon'

Eight fifty, eight sixty five thousand miles in diameter
The great sun, since the beginning, shows the ultimate stamina
On we travel, endlessly, fo' whateva it's worth
And reminisce on a planet we once knew call Earth

And then I
* Open up my eyes and I see the light
  I feel it on my skin, I can see it shining bright
  I sit beneath a tree and I felt the breeze
  That to me is truly beauty

Now back on my planet, lots of fussin' and fightin'
Everybody wantin' power, like the clash of the titans
No-one thinkin' 'bout the children, or what they inherit
Only grown-ups acting selfish, focused only on merit

And every passin' generation, the children get smarter
But without natural resources, that makes it harder
Be a king, be a queen, or maybe a martyr
And marry love, hope, peace, and carry the garter

Will we ever really live to see a ripe ol' age?
Stay positive through negative, the universe is the stage
Finally free, but sometimes I feel locked in a cage
The Most High holds the book, I'm just part of the page

As I
* Open up my eyes and I see the light
  I feel it on my skin, I can see it shining bright
  I sit beneath a tree and I felt the breeze
  That to me is truly beauty

I'm movin' ma hands in da air hey
OK lemme sing someone
I'm um I'm in da ghetto
And uh but wait wait wait wait

I'm quiet in da ghetto
And nobody here to protect me
Only me
I'm all by myself in a self
I'm a
I'm a book
I don't know
Who gon' take me home
An' ma
Famly always I'm
Look out fo' me
An' an' I always look out fo' dem
God forbid if I I was goin' to die
I still will love my famly
I will always remember
If dey die I'm a be wit dem
And if I be a old men
I just don' care I'm a still be thinkin' about dem in ma heart
I still love Tupac
He always in ma heart (in ma heart (in ma heart

Yeah yeah yeah now go aunt "High-jaw" dat was dope "Nally"
Lookin' in da sky wit ma mommy and die
Rubbin' they hands like they jis' don' care
I love ma daddy, I still love ma daddy
God forbids I love ma daddy and ma famly
Git glid I gonna have eyes and I love God
And dey fine

Yeah yeah (OK) yeah come in "Jen"
I'm a big ol' giant I just stepped in a flo'
And dey say
I I's don't know
I'm jus'
I'm a scientist and I find it
I'm jus' tryin' to
Dey always

* I open up my eyes and I see the light
  I feel it on my skin, I can see it shining bright
  I sit beneath a tree and I felt the breeze
  That to me is truly beauty

Yeeuh (shiddy a dat dat dat dat dat dat dat dat da da)
Yeeuh baby (shiddy a dat dat dat dat dat dat dat dat da da)
(Shiddy a dat dat dat dat dat dat dat dat da da)
Yay I did it dat was dope
Woo give yaself a hand come on
Give yaself a hand a round of applause
Yeeeaaaahhhh, aight

actually I transcribed it a long time ago I just decided to post it here

flamingspinach [userpic]

Zenith Z-181 Leaflet

June 24th, 2008 (10:21 pm)

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current song: YMCK - 8番目の虹

Advanced Screen. Fast 8 MHz clock speed. Lightweight!Collapse )

flamingspinach [userpic]


June 6th, 2008 (09:37 am)
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[2008-06-06 01:50:00] <~Voretus> godot is the best
[2008-06-06 02:13:01] <&Mordecai> ?
[2008-06-06 03:30:35] * Mordecai has quit (Quit: ( www.nnscript.de :: NoNameScript 4.1 :: www.regroup-esports.com ))

flamingspinach [userpic]

How to set up a now playing "script" in foobar2000 v0.9.5.1+

April 30th, 2008 (01:52 pm)
current song: Electric Light Orchestra - Twilight


A while ago I made a small tutorial for making a now playing script for foobar2000 to use on IRC or wherever you want. Unfortunately, foobar2000 has undergone some changes since then, so here's an updated tutorial for foobar2000 v0.9.5.1+.

Note: This makes use of features that are clearly marked as "legacy" in the latest versions of foobar2000, so it might break sometime in the future. At that point I'll try to update this again. Nevertheless I think this is a vastly superior solution compared to using some sort of COM messaging or whatever to communicate between a media player and an IRC client.

OK STEP 1: Find the Preferences window. Easy.


STEP 2: Create your now-playing script.

where to enter your title formatting string

First scroll to the bottom and click "Advanced" on the left, then head over to the right pane, and select Display -> Legacy Title Formatting Strings -> Copy Command. There's probably something already there. Unfortunately we cannot type line breaks in this box anymore since foobar2000 v0.9.5.1, so just delete whatever is there. Then replace it with whatever text you want your now playing script to use. You can see that that's exactly what I did in the screenshot above. My full now-playing text is the following, if you're too lazy to make your own and just want to copy it:

/me np: [%list_index%. ][%artist% - ]%title% '['%playback_time%/%length%']'[ .:. ['#'%tracknumber%[/%totaltracks%], ][%album%[ '['disc %discnumber%']']]][ .:. %bitrate% Kb/s][ .:. %codec%][ .:. %samplerate% Hz[ %channels%]]

If you want to make your own, here's some tips: enclosing something in brackets, [], will make it resolve as nothing if anything inside produces an error or doesn't exist. Notice how I used that in my string. Where you place spaces is important too - you can make them disappear or reappear based on what information the currently playing song has, etc. The actual variable names are pretty easy to guess. Figure it out :) If you need help, you can always refer to these two pages about "title formatting strings", as they're called: (intro | reference).

STEP 3: Set a hotkey.

First click on "General -> Keyboard Shortcuts" on the left in the Preferences window, and then click "Add New" underneath the "Assigned Shortcuts" listbox. Type "copy name(s)" in the "Filter List By:" just to make it easier to find, and then click "[context / now playing] -> Copy Name(s)" as shown. Then underneath that, click in the text box and hit some obscure hotkey that no other sane program would ever need (I chose shift+ctrl+alt+win+z - on QWERTY those or all right next to each other so you can just mash it or something lol - though I use Dvorak). Make sure to check the "Global" checkbox.

Then click "Save All", then "Close". You're done - now you can hit your hotkey, followed by ctrl+v, in any program whatsoever, and get a nice now playing string. I mostly use it on IRC but it works on other IM clients as well, or even in email if you're feeling particularly retarded. :P The only drawback is that it replaces whatever was on your clipboard, but I find that it doesn't bother me that much. And now there's no need to use horrible garbage like AMIP, which is overly complicated and actually reads tag info from the file itself, instead of just reading it from the player, in many cases, or so I'm led to believe. Ugh. Luckily foobar2000 provides a convenient mechanism to export info about the currently playing song :) Enjoy...


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